Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, is actually the movie where all the fun and adventures starts to begin. Harry Potter starts lurking here and there, which leads him into many things which he does not knows. In Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrests, Harry befriends a girl and a boy named Hermione and Rob, and thats where they being their great adventures. Moreover, in this movie, they find a secret chamber or ground floor, where a giant snake is resting, upon waking Harry kills the snake. Hermione helps Harry Potter in battling the giant snake and saves his life. Harry Potter unvails some more secrects, while he is in the chamber and finds his fellow student in the chamber spreading evilness.

The Snake Awaits You Harry.

Initial release: November 3, 2002 (United Kingdom)
Director: Chris Columbus
Box office: 879 million USD
Screenplay: Steve Kloves
Story by: J. K. Rowling

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